Politically, one likely route to single-payer health care will involve one or more states implementing a universal system first. A national system will follow as it becomes clear that both justice and affordability are improved with such systems.

HCAO-Action is working to make Oregon one of those states.

HCAO-Action continues to push for an equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high-quality, publicly-funded health care system for all Oregon residents. The current vehicle for that is S.B. 770 as amended, which says “The Universal Health Care Commission is established to recommend the design of the Health Care for All Oregon Plan, a universal health care system administered by the Health Care for All Oregon Board that is equitable, affordable, comprehensive, provides high quality health care, is publicly funded and available to every individual residing in Oregon.” This bill is being championed by Sen. James Manning, with chief sponsors Senators Dembrow and Beyer and Representatives Fahey, Keny-Guyer, Salinas, and Williamson. The current language can be found here.

HCAO-Action also works on legislation intended to change the current system in ways that will make the transition to the system we want easier. We partner with others who are working on improving the current system. 

For more details on current efforts with the state legislature, click here for the most up-to-date information on contacting your legislator and the status of individual bills.

If you are interested in joining with others who are lobbying your legislator on items that we think will move us toward our goal, let us know by using our Legislative Action Contact Form to get in touch.

The state legislature has already indicated that they “intend” to do what we want them to do – they have codified their intent in Oregon Revised Statues 414.018 (ORS 414.018), which states in Section 1:

It is the intention of the Legislative Assembly to achieve the goals of universal access to an adequate level of high quality health care at an affordable cost.

We need to help them fulfill this goal.

For more information related to state legislative efforts, visit the Legislative Tools page of HCAO website to find contact information for your legislators and other resources, including tips on how to speak to your elected officials during session and in the community. Local resolutions that have been passed in support of the goals of HCAO-Action can also be found on the HCAO website.

Universal Access to Healthcare Workgroup

Health Care for All Oregon-Action took part in the Universal Access to Healthcare Workgroup chaired by Rep. Andrea Salinas in 2018. As the final report states, "Due to time constraints and the inherent complexities in designing a state-based system for universal health care, the work group was unable to complete all five of its assigned tasks in 2018." The group's final report can be viewed here.

We agree that “universal access to care” means better access to care for more people at a lower cost. This must include better quality care and health outcomes than our current health care system delivers. We recognize that our current system is excessively expensive and has not produced results.
— Universal Access to Healthcare Workgroup

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