Our Goal

Where We’re Going

HCAO-Action works to move towards a equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high quality, publicly-funded, universal health care system at both the federal level and at the state level, We need to be prepared to move on whichever front is most promising at the time. It is our belief that these efforts are synergistic – for a discussion of why, see an article by Chuck Pennacchio of Health Care for All Pennsylvania.

The Options

From a technical standpoint, a single payer system implemented at the federal level would be the simplest path to the system we want, and the best bill to do that is H.R. 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019 (previously it had been HR 676). From a political standpoint, it often appears that the most likely route will involve one or more states implementing a universal system first, which will eventually lead to a national system as it becomes clear that both justice and affordability are improved with such systems.

But things can change quickly at the national level, as evidenced by movement at the national level precipitated by the Sanders campaign, and the increase in support for the Affordable Care Act as Congress threatened to repeal it.

We will work so that Oregon is ready to implement a system if that route seems more promising, while doing our part to convince Oregon’s Congressional delegation, voters, and activists that something like H.R. 1384 should pass at the federal level.

The DEtails

For more information about our efforts at the national level, see the National Strategy page.

For more information about our efforts at the state level, see the State Legislative Efforts page.

For more information about issues related to what a bill should look like, or other issues of concern for a universal system, click here. Some particular prominent issues:

·      Why a single payer model is probably the best option for the U.S.

·      Provider payment methods

·      Why market solutions tend not to work in healthcare

·      Pharmaceutical prices