HCAO-Action Board Members



Charlie is a retired physicist who taught at the high school, community college, and university level. He was president of his faculty union local at a small high school. Prior to teaching, he was a computer programmer at IBM. He has been active in HCAO since 2011, chair of the legislative committee of HCAO from 2015 to 2016, then of the HCAO-Action legislative committee when HCAO-Action was formed in 2016 and the committee moved to HCAO-Action. He is also treasurer of We the People-Eugene, which is a democracy organization formed in response to the Citizens United decision.

Mark Lindgren


Mark is a meeting minutes recorder and Corvallis area family farmer. He was HCAO Chair from 2001-2011, including the campaign for the single payer ballot initiative Measure 23 in 2002. Mark helped transition HCAO into its current form in 2011 and helped develop and promote HB 3510 that year. He has served as Secretary for the 501(c)3 from 2000 to the present (first Universal Health Care for Oregon, which became the HCAO Education Fund, and is currently HCAO).

Loren Northrup

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Loren Northup has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon and has been working as a Certified Public Accountant for the last 38 years. Loren’s volunteer activism over the years has included being a board member of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation, a founding board member of PDX Summer School designed for English language learners, the CPA for Nuevas Sonrisas for Guatemalan children’s dental health , as well as participating through Lake Oswego United Church of Christ with the IMIRJ cohort program. Loren is interested in supporting HCAO because its mission is an essential part of the larger effort for social justice for everyone.

Sandra Coyner


Debby Schwartz


Sandra is a retired Professor of history (Ph.D.), women’s studies, and was Director of several university interdisciplinary academic programs. She led in unionizing marginalized faculty and promoting quality in assessment of student learning. She was also President of the National Women's Studies Association. Her longest and deepest engagement in community activism has been in many facets of the feminist movement for many decades, up to and including current leadership in American Association of University Women. Passionate about challenging injustice and economic inequality, she was active in the Ashland Citizens Coalition on Homelessness; is an active supporter and occasional board member of several local and regional organizations that promote justice, nonviolence, and environmentalism; and has volunteered on local Democratic Party campaigns. She also currently leads two book discussion groups in Ashland. She serves on HCAO's Legislative Committee.



Steve Tippins


Robin TartEr

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Steve is a former group health insurance representative who went on to teach insurance and finance at universities in the U.S. for 25 plus years. He holds numerous professional designations in insurance along with a PhD.  For over 35 years he has been baffled as to why employers have not been on the single-payer bandwagon. Moving to Eugene after three years in Costa Rica (under a single-payer plan) he has volunteered to work toward healthcare for all in Oregon.


Robin is a nurse researcher and critical gerontologist pursuing her PhD at the Oregon Health and Science University. Robin's passion for single payer activism stems from her years as a clinician serving patients and families facing terminal illness, and her research on the negative health effects of childhood maltreatment and unsupported and unpaid family caregiving in the U.S. Based on her interests in intersectional feminism, post-colonial theory, and anti-racist health policy, Robin sees achieving equitable, publicly funded healthcare as the central issue of our generation.

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