Oregon Political Party Platforms Related to Health Care

Democratic Party of Oregon

Action item - As health care is a human right, adopt an equitable, high-quality, comprehensive, universal, publicly-funded healthcare system including general, preventative, and emergency care, plus vision, dental, hearing, prescription drugs, long-term care, substance abuse, hospice care, and mental health services at the state or federal level.

Oregon Democrats affirm the equality of every individual and the rights of all to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe all people have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We realize that true freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence for all. As such, we believe in a strong social safety net that provides the basic necessities of life, including health care as a human right. The absence of a comprehensive mental and behavioral healthcare system is destroying lives and undermining the economy and is therefore unacceptable. We support all necessary measures to counter serious threats to public safety such as gun violence. We seek a world in which all persons may live in peace and free from oppression of all forms. Society thrives when everyone has access to public services and infrastructure.

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Republican Party of Oregon

Families and individuals have the sole responsibility and right to make their own healthcare decisions. A free market system of health insurance and health care delivery is the surest way to provide high-quality, affordable health care that preserves individual freedom and privacy. We advocate the protection of the physician-patient relationship, the promotion of competition and the provision of individual choice.

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Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Action Items:

  1. Institute a single-payer health care system for Oregon by seeking a waiver from the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, just as Oregon got a waiver for the initial introduction of the Oregon Health Plan (1993).

  2. Until a single-payer system is instituted, no private health care insurance provider will be permitted to operate in Oregon unless it covers preexisting conditions, contraception, and abortion services for all its members.

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the maintenance of good health. We acknowledge that personal health depends on public health. Public health requires the health of the natural, built, and social environments. The health status of others provides benefits to all, including future generations.

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Oregon Working Families Party

As a federal issue - Healthcare for All: Though we are troubled by many aspects of the recent health care overhaul, the OWFP strongly supports the principle that all Americans should have affordable health care. We believe that until the profit-motive is removed from the provision of health care in America, our system will remain one that mainly benefits insurance and pharmaceutical companies, while charging consumers too much for too little care. We ask OWFP nominees to Congress to commit to supporting all efforts to move our country in the direction of a single-payer, not-for-profit system of universal health care.


Oregon Progressive Party

As a federal issue - We support Health Care as a human right. Single Payer, Improved and Expanded Medicare for all is the solution the health care crisis.